The Coops Mill in Zelhem (Holland) is haunted!  The Gelderse Achterhoek

An interesting mill! At first I was fooled in the afternoon, but at night it happened!

A clue on the film tape including some very fine and unique sounds. Under the watchful eye of 2 reporters. They wanted the experience and as so many Press and Media, I once again gave them a clear sense of paranormal phenomena, despite the cold easterly wind, which made it feel like -15 degrees Celsius.

And The Ghosthunter discovered even more! The Witch Smokshanna and Plaggen (Turf - red.) Hendrik from Zelhem.

Recordings were made under the watchful eye of 2 reporters. The also had inexplicable experiences! There is an entity passing in front of the camera, just clear enough to see.

Paranormal investigation.

The Coops Mill was built in 1818 and has had an extra occupant for over 200 years.

Remarkable recordings.

This time a lot of strange noises were recorded (ticks, claps - and something stroked the microphone), but it also included some clear voices. Weird voices, beautiful clear voices. Some I couldn't make heads or tails of, until I played the tape backwards and was pleasantly surprised by what I heard. Filmed and recorded voices, voices from the other side. The following voices were on the tape.

It is common knowledge that an entity doesn't have a larynx; it uses the additional noises to reply. This can also be done by means of a radio, but will include a lot of extra noise. Video voices on the movie tape can be recorded practicly without any additional noise.

 A voice calls out "Caluwet". An obvious and clear man's voice at the start of the movie tape (afternoon revcordings).

 A voice one can't make heads nor tails of, despite is being clear. This is the voice of Freddie (a reporter), his voice is distorted by whispering, but then I clearly hear the voice say: "omkeren" ("turn around", red.). Which results in the following.

 And now the sound backwards: "Joost, geloven je ogen je nog?" ("Joost, do you still believe your eyes?", red). A very weird recording!! But very, very interesting to the paranormal world. A perfect discovery. The sound backwards.

 A voice: This is the moment I was wondering what was going on on the first floor.

 And once again the voice of "Caluwet", but this time from far away and not as clear as the first time. What doés he mean by that name he keeps calling out? (evening recordings)

Or could Plaggen Hendrik's girlfriend perhaps be called Caluwet and that Plaggen Hendrik is calling out to her? Anything is possible.

Strange noises and a whispering voice. Almost like something is shot. Like an old shotgun, add powder, a tan and shoot it. Something like that. What season? No idea!

There also were a lot of additional noises! A sort of gun shot, a loud bang against the camera, something stroking the cap of the microphone. A couple of unclear sound fragments and some more paranormal footage. All in all a really good paranormal report.

A mill; a round room on the inside which showed no signs that it was haunted! Everything felt pretty calm, until I found out the entities were fooling me and then....

Check out the movie trailer of Coops Mill in Zelhem.