Gravensteen castle – Gent (B) 12th century

Over the years a lot has happened on Gravensteen. People who were being kept, tortured by an executioner and being sentenced to death.
Well, and than it can’t hardly be that you have to observe the energies in Gravensteen.
And they are largely present. Sorrow, anger, pain, etc, you find everything. Even till the last executioner!

A beautiful apparition on the wall in the Knight Hall in Gravensteen. The first photo was directly a hit.  The paranormal talented among us will observe another thing on this photo!  There is a woman who’s playing on a harpsichord. Paranormal activities, they’re plentiful present, clearly noticeable.  Even here in the basement, where very long ago were standing horses.

Is the count still watches over the city Gent?

 Is the last executioner of Gravensteen still bonded?

The prisoners cave also called the forgotten cave is still there.

In the little room the countess used to play on her harp.

 Medium: At night you can still hear it!

The executioner is still hanging around the forgotten cave.

A woman is playing on a harpsichord in the Knight Hall!

Long ago people are tortured here to confess against one’s will.

People were bricked alive!

It’s a pretty intense event here in Gravensteen castle.

There are a few spots that stand out about paranormal observations.

When you were captured and you were taken out of the forgotten cave after 2 or 3 days, then you were lucky.

The most of them were forgotten.

Also there were a lot of persons who were sentenced to death and decapitated.

These energies are also clearly sensible.