The Haunted House of “Sas van Gent” The Ghosthunter discovered the Haunted House Sas van Gent (1996)

This was an interesting subject, especially to find out whether psychics were right. It was common knowledge that the house was haunted. Anyone visiting the house had reported having strange experiences and, however skeptical the media was, everyone had their own experience. This haunted house was even known internationally; radio, tv, newspapers from Holland and Belgium had spoken and written about it.

In short (1996/97)

The large mansion-house on the border with Belgium had been empty for 46 years. Every good builder must have felt an itch to start renovating the place! But no one did, not for 46 years.

Then one night I went by the house and shot some pictures. The sun had already set, which provided a somewhat ghostly view of the house. But when I left my dark room after developing the pictures, I noticed that someone was in front of the window, which was odd because the floors and roof of the building were gone.

Upon my request 3 psychics examined the pictures. They proved to contain many clues and all 3 responded: (the discovered and established truth is placed between brackets!)

Soldiers seen in the area (during the second World war – three Canadian soldiers were blown up in a tank, right in front of the haunted house)

Beautiful garden with a lot of trees and plants, including rare species (It had the prettiest garden in the area). A second psychic had also observed this. All saw a bearded man with a baret in front of the window (The old director who used to live their wore a baret and had a beard).

I don’t see just 1 pond, but several / (correct, there were 2)

I see an 8-shape driveway (also correct. In Zelzate’s City Hall I found an old area picture made from a plane, showing the haunted house with its ponds and driveway)

I see bridal clothes / (correct. Many bridal shots had been taken here)

I see uniforms in the area / (correct. There was a scouting group in the house in 1946)

The bearded man had a stiff leg / (correct. He had a wooden leg)

I managed to get everything that was said confirmed and everyone was has worked with me at this haunted house sure had a special experience! However, back in 1997 I had no idea what my discovery in Sas van Gent would lead to.

Together with the Votac Crew from Mechelen (Belgium) I got these pictures on arrival at the haunted house, despite the fact that the crew had previous tried to shoot footage and was unsuccessful, my first 2 pictures were perfect. The remarkable thing of these orbs is that there moving, this is clearly shown by the little ‘tail’ following it horizontally.

It has now been approximately 8 years since I discovered the Haunted House of Sas van Gent and nowadays it’s still haunted (see the pictures of the moving orbs). Many famous people from the media have visited the Haunted House with me and were very interested and still remain interested. But due to its exposure, others, who don’t know what they’re doing have also shown interest. They go out at night in search of ghost and they should not! Leave it be! Don’t go there unless you’re accompanied by someone who knows what he’s doing. The chances of picking up a negative entity from the Haunted House could be over 75%. Do you think that’s worth it? I don’t think so. It is and remains dangerous. Performing occult rituals in this Haunted House is asking for trouble! Consider yourself warned.

At night on Thursday, March 10-2005

The following day with the World Broadcasting Radio for the Dutch Horizons program. It was a cold, yet clear night; no fog or anything. I shot the following pictures:

This picture taken in the Haunted House of Sas van Gent show a large fog nebula on the left.

But it was a clear night! There was no fog found elsewhere.

Luckily I shoot two pictures in a row that night, this one also an obvious fog nebula on the first picture while seconds later the fog has completely  disappeared! The first picture also shows that the fog originates from the basement window.

We walked around the Haunted House and I suddenly felt eyes piercing my back, as if something was happening behind me. I said to Ilona: ‘do you sense something behind us?’ I turned around and shot this picture. It is truly remarkable.

Friday March 11 2005 – recording with the students of Radio Utrecht (at night)

It was raining cats and dogs so I couldn’t take any pictures, not even inside the Haunted House as it has no roof and as my camera isn’t waterproof, I’d like to keep my stuff dry. Nope, we went for a different approach – standing inside the Haunted House with no flashlights and just listening and waiting for something to happen. Which can be fun too!

If you stand there quietly and observe, you see and hear things which normally don’t attract your attention as it’s too busy. Jaii Lana and Jeroen stood there watching and listening. Jeroen, who’s not that sensitive, as heard and saw things. Jaii Lana was more sensitive to paranormal activities and she saw what I saw. Shadows in the room. She heard footsteps. Felt someone standing next to her and Jeroen sensed this as well. I didn’t think of it, but Jaii Lana had completely opened herself up and let everything sink in. I saw two bright red eyes and knew this wasn’t a good sign, such an entity doesn’t get your spirit up.

But after standing in the rain for an hour we went home to a hot cup of coffee, because it sure was cold. We get there and Jaii Lana lets me hear something she’s recorded, something’s walking across the beams and I suddenly felt a force field surrounding her. ‘Hey, how are you feeling? Don’t think you’re doing too well.’ ‘No, I have this strange feeling and I can’t make heads nor tails of it.’ ‘No, but I can! You’ve picked up something in there and it has entered you.’ I pulled him out of her and she noticed the difference immediately. And when she realized what had happened, she was quite startled at how easy it had entered her.

And therefore I give you fair warning once more, don’t go checking out a spot like this with your friends, the chances of this happening to you are considerable and when it happens to you, you’re stuck! I have the ability to remove severely negative entities from people, but it’s a fact not everyone can. So watch out!

March 25th, 2005

Recordings O Radio Antwerp with the mediums Isabelle from Belgium and Allison from England.

It was a clear night and the mediums sensed all kinds of things. There was a woman standing inside, looking at us and when we walked around the building, the felt the eyes in their backs following us. It was again quite an intense night and I shot the following pictures, which indicate that the Haunted House of Sas van Gent does credit its name.

All force and energy fields clearly visible, despite it being a clear night! Remarkable pictures:

In the Haunted House of Sas van Gent dead crows were found. This is because of occult black magic rituals being held inside. All the more reason to stay away!

The place is littered with dead crows. It is knows that black wizards and witches like to include them in their rituals. Also pieces of meat have been hanging from the walls, which is known from satanic rituals. This results in paranormal senses dying down in the haunted house, this is a known fact, and is replaced with a deadly silence. The area has been tainted.

As the pictures show there is something fishy about the Haunted House. I therefore ask children not to go there, it is dangerous! Leave them be.  I’m probably preaching to deaf ears! But don’t say I didn’t warn you!