The Templars' Courtyard (dated 1100) The oldest part of the Templars' courtyard, dated 1100.

You must be wondering: What is the Ghosthunter doing at a Templars' Courtyard? It that paranormal? "Yes", because something was there and because of this small fact I wanted to make it an item. Something has always intrigued me about this group of people because, let's be honest, the templars are a hot item. Need I mentioned the Da Vinci code? The pope robbed them in 1283 and enriched himself with all the Templars' goods and money, for they were in fact very rich. But hey, Rome has made more mistakes than this. Not only then, but they're still doing it nowadays. To give just a few examples: There was about 400 convents in Limburg and were are they now? Almost all gone. Only 24 remain abandoned and intact. This can partially be blamed on the Roman Catholic church and their followerd. Who doesn't remember Limburg's boarding schools? Convents where children lived en instead of getting a loving childhood the nuns and fathers sorted them out. They were abused, that's a fact. Nowadays no one would trust their children to fathers and priests.

Main building of the Templars and the sergeant's living quarters (on the right).

But now for the Templars.

Driving around Belgium, we were suddenly told to stop. Now what? Well, see here, a completely intact Templars' Courtyard. We turned the car around and went over to check it out.

Upon entering the grounds the first thing you see is the old chapel dated 1100 which is, for the most part, still intact. Curious to what it would look like on the inside, we opened the door and found a small chapel and immediately made you feel like you were back in the 1100's. I walked across the little chapel and thought: "Something's here!" I felt a force field that wasn't moving. "Hey, that's weird. Something must be here that's stuck, otherwise you can't sense the energy." I quickly realised it had something to do with the Templars. I was also told it wasn't purely negative, but he'd done something wrong. A case of betrayal? I had to find out. Calmly took a seat, wondering about had happened and once I had the answer, I removed him from the spot and all was peaceful once more in the chapel. This however did give me grounds to look in the Templars' ancient past. Fascinating!

In Holland there are no more sites that remind you of the Templars. At most a small old farm, which hardly supplies one with any information. But in Belgium you can still find locations where the Templars have been, as this Templars' Courtyard, almost in perfect condition. Well protected, their own animals, their own vegetables, they were short on nothing food-wise. When you walk along the area and see various locations, you sometimes feel the force fields from way back when. information surfaces, a grave of one of the Knights with his wave, burried on the grounds. The oldest part is a long white wall where the animals used to be. Opposite were horses and these 2 sheds originate from the 1100's, same as the main building.

What interested me most was the fact that they weren't only the first bankers in the world (inventors of the letter of credit), but they had proper information regarding the mystery of Jesus and Mary Magdalene! She wasn's a whore! No, she was married to Jesus and they had children. Rome has just adjusted their books so it would suit their purpose. Take Da Vinci's wall paintings and the painting of the apostles: one of them clearly has breasts and a feminine face. if you consider this, can you deny that this is a woman? Because this was Mary Magdalene!! The Templars had the evidence, they were written on parchment which was very well preserved. And when Rome finds out and see their own story go up in smoke, they slaughter the Templars! The end of the Templars, Rome's big mistake! There was more, stories and parchments with other truths of which the Templars knew and they guarded them. It would take 1500 years before everything was confirmed.

In 2002 the Egyptians did an excavation in Israel and scientists discovered a sarcophacus stating the names of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. An extensive team of investigators, professors and scientists have established that these are their true remains. This also concludes an end to all the wild gestures and rumours. And, you never guess! Rome of course denies that all this is true, they consider it nonsense. But they forget one little thing, modern equipment is capable of doing, and proving, a lot. There are even more rumours, stories etc. about the old and the new testament. I won't go into this here, but do know that if Rome doesn't reconsider, it will, and already does, waver. Churches are being abandoned, even for sale. Who wants to become a priest nowadays? Just ask yourself the question. Perhaps Rome should wonder whether a higher power may also be upset?

However it may be, this should never have happened to the Templars. They were loyal, hard working, protective and then suddenly in 1283 their light goes out.

The Templars' old stables.