Sanatorium Joseph Lemaire Tomsbeek-Brussels Paranormal investigation One of the most 5 haunted locations in Belgium

More then 20 years the sanatorium has been abandoned.It has known good times and bad times also in terms of business and care.

In the course of the years it has changed from a sanatorium to a playground for entities.

One week before the investigation I had marked the locations on a piece of paper. The most haunted locations in the building

and every time you stand in front of the building, the second floor. That is where they are. Everything was correct, we encountered them.

Footsteps throughout the building in broad daylight. This had to be a multiple encounter of paranormal activity during the night time.

But what we did not know at noon was that there would be a poltergeist in the building at night. Little stones and pieces of broken glass

came flying at us. Also did we get EVP's during daytime.Suddenly a very strange voice!!! Played back the voice in reverse and then an entity

got a message from an other entity "Ortnamus SOS". Lots of photos with orbs on them and many other indications on film and photos.

The person who was with me got surrounded with entities en got grabbed many times by his T-Shirt, he did not feel good at all,

and then came the sound of an entity on film who was laughing at him!

The place is so badly haunted, that even if you are not paranormal sensitive, you must feel that things are not correct over there!

During the night, things got really bad in the sanatorium. It got more and more busy with activity. Both inside and outside, the tensions raised up. On this spot S. got grabbed by his T-Shirt by multiple entities. Little pieces of glass also came flying from the second floor and on the other side, little stones where thrown at the camera.


On arrival, it was a warm and sunny day, there was all ready something looking at us from behind the windows. So they knew there where coming visitors.

When you enter the building, you find yourself in a large hall with many possibilities to make your way through the building.

In the conversation rooms it was calm, except for the foot steps that we kept hearing throughout the building and this in broad day light! This should give

an amazing effect during the night because it is known that entities do not feel at ease on a warm sunny day. They usually keep calm and still during daytime.

Then we arrived in the basement. Also here it was pretty calm, except for the foot step that we heard, but not as loud as the ones before.

On the first floor an entity walked along with us, this was definitely observable. With all these small things i was curious about the night time investigation.

Because it was all ready so crowded during the day, what would night time bring us? We continued our route through the building.

On a sudden moment the big film camera broke down and stated acting funny. Lost a great deal of good footage. Pity!

On the second floor we where feeling and imagining the old days of the sanatorium. I saw a great and wealthy time for the sanatorium but also a rotten time for the building.

People who got sick, people who died and got stored in the morgue in the basement. Seen many things of a time long gone.

Men, woman, children... Everything gave it's image and story.

Both the first, second and third floor had there places with energy fields.

On top of the third floor, on the roof of the building, i was scanning the Forrest in front of us. Left felt okay, right felt okay but the center in front of us felt wrong.

I picked the drawing out of my pocket and showed it to S. S. looked at it and asked what is this? I had made marks on the drawing that i made a week ago.

Don't you have something with this tree line straight in front of us? S. a psychic, felt and said that there was a spot that did not feel good. Now look at the drawing, there is

something but i can not place it. Well here is the X i marked several 100 yards in the Forrest. There is a Satanic ring.

It is no longer in use but it radiates and you can feel that. S. could only confirm what I just said.

Satanism is abundant here in Wallonië. I have discovered many satanic rings.

Entities walk up and down the stairs and through the hallways. Do they keep quiet? No! You can hear them walk! Also in this gallery we heard footsteps, voices and even a barking dog. Because of the grim appearance of the building and hallways, the building looks like it is haunted.


23.30h we arrived on the spot. The tension was all ready present and would only get stronger during the night.

S. took his position at the film camera and i went over to the main entrance. Took some pictures and heard that it was going to be boring again, but the foot steps where present.

In the large hall i took a picture with orbs on it, so they where all ready waiting for me.

I felt a big force majeure of entities who where present and when the pressure in my head began to increase, i closed myself off from my surroundings and went back outside.

Next to the central building is a part that is 3 stages high and suddenly from the second floor pieces of glass came flying down. Wat the hell is this?

I kept standing on my spot and suddenly a lot of noise arises, like 4 or 5 man where shifting things around. Is someone there, i asked. Nothing, only the noise kept coming and the pieces of glass

kept flying down. It got more and more tense. A shame that i did not had my voice recorder with me because the noise must definitely be on it.

S. was standing a 100 yards from me by the film camera, so he could not help me and i had to sort it out myself.

I was thinking, what kind of entity must this be? Such a loud noise that he makes, but because of the fuss on the second floor i was not really thinking quick and was staring and asking if he would show himself

or say something. Nothing happened. The noise disappeared and everything went quiet. But not for long!

I walked over to S. and told my story. He had experienced that stones where thrown at him and the camera. He had enough of it. He never experienced that before!

Come on, let's go back to the glass thrower. As we walked to the spot, voices came out of the building. Clearly woman's voices and that barking dog again.

We arrived at the spot of the glass thrower. Everything was calm and we talk about the things that where happening.

Then at once the noise began, louder then before! Glass started flying down and again the fuss of stuff being shifted around.

I got it!! I yelled. It is a poltergeist who is in the building. A normal entity can not do this. S. said that this could very well be true. But the strange thing was, he was only on the second floor making noise and

throwing stuff. A piece of glass came very close to me! I got pissed and wanted to run in the building and find that poltergeist but that is impossible because there are holes in the floor, so i had to come up

with something else. It suddenly went quiet again. We head over to the main entrance of the sanatorium to take some pictures.

On the first picture there were orbs in the hall near the stairs.

We went back and i could not resist the temptation of going to take a look at the poltergeist. If i can not reach the second floor where he is, then he shall have to come to me.

I felt that i was very good protected, had a lot of positive energy around me. What was remarkable is that on the film recordings there where voices.

One voice in particular was very clear and yet i could make nothing out of it. Till a voice said "turn around". So i played it back in reverse and then i heard what it was.

Ortnamus SOS!! A very beautiful and clear warning. It was said in a sort of code, intended to warn the poltergeist that something was coming up, a threat for him.

Suddenly he began again! Again the noise on the second floor. It is now or never, i had to do something. Because if i did not do it and someone else came on that spot by accident, it would turn out totally different.

With mind power i came in to contact with him and stated scolding at him. I am not going to repeat what i said to him, but he was so pissed of that he came and stood next to me.

I reacted instantly! They got him!!! The whole building became peace full in one second time. The whole sanatorium was quiet.

So the approach was meaning full and the leader got caught.

We loaded our gear back in the car and walked one last time in the night around the sanatorium. Nothing could be noticed anymore. All was quite and peace full. Operation Tomsbeek was a success.

On this location a loud bang and also foot steps. S. told Joost, take a picture here. well the pictures speak for themselves. keep in mind that there is a time frame of 4 to 5 seconds between each picture.